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      This ltd edition gift set combines 4 Balance Me hero products that work together to create the most perfect bedtime wellness routine.

      Designed to give the skin the beauty sleep it deserves, this collection features four skincare products to moisturise, nourish, uplift and smooth, so the skin appears heathier and more radiant. Makes a great gift, or skincare treat for yourself!


      • Balance Me Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist – 45ml
      • Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream – 30ml
      • Balance Me Beauty Sleep Concentrate – 10ml
      • Balance Me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum – 7ml.
    • Balance Me Ireland AHA Glow Mask
      • 50ml
      • Triple action acid exfoliating mask
      • Combines bio active fruit acids (AHAs) with kaolin clay to exfoliate, draw impurities and brighten the skin
      • Excellent for dull an blemish prone skin
      • Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Kaolin Clay, Linden Essential Oil
      • Vegan Friendly
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      100ml / 40 Uses Per Tube

      A gentle every day cleanser that makes short work of dirt, make-up, SPF and pollution. This creamy, gel formula is packed with Rose Water, Aloe Extract, Glycerin, Benzoic Acid and Zinc to leave skin, clean, bright and happy.

      Vegan Friendly

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      100ml / 40 Uses Per Tube

      A cleanser? Or a mask? This 2-in-1 cleanser/mask combo targets congested, dull, rough skin. A brilliant formula, supercharged with Kaolin Clay, AHAs, Liquorice, Kojic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil and more. Skin is visibly brighter, clearer and smooth after just one use.

      Vegan Friendly

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      As if going through the perimenopause and menopause wasn’t tough enough, all of a sudden, your skin is playing up too. You don’t care what it takes, you just want your skin to feel normal again. Damn right and it’s why the genius team behind FAACE have packed ample collagen-boosting, super-hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients into this soothing mask so you can take control back of your complexion. Rose water soothes and refreshes giving your skin sips of hydration when it needs it; carrot seed and pomegranate oil provide antioxidant properties to keep things plump and healthy; rosehip oil and its skin-loving fatty acids partnered with rose flower oil create a youthful glow; sea buckthorn acts as a multivit and comes packed with vitamin C, E and various B vitamins that show up as antioxidants; immortelle flower oil helps create a youthful glow; safflower seed oil deals with dryness, while zinc and geranium tag team on the fight against breakouts. It won’t get rid of hot flushes, but it will support your skin through the rollercoaster ride.

    • Period faace Mask Ireland - MyBeautyEdit.com
      • 100ml
      • Rebalancing and hydrating face mask
      • Designed to keep hormonal skin clean and clear
      • Antibacterial properties helps manage and prevent hormonal breakouts
      • Wear as a mask for 5 – 20 minutes
      • Works great as a priming moisturiser before make-up
      • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, Lavender, Clary Sage, Zinc and Willow Bark
      • Vegan friendly
    • Sweaty Faace Mask Ireland MyBeautyEdit.com
      • 100ml / 40 uses per tube
      • Detoxing face mask
      • Designed to soothe and calm inflamed skin
      • Naturally tones and rejuvenates and strengthens skin
      • Wear as a mask for 5 – 20 minutes
      • Key Ingredients: Argan Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot, Galbanum, Patchouli
      • Vegan friendly
    • Tired Faace Mask Ireland
      • 100ml / 40 uses per tube
      • Brightening and exfoliating AHA face mask
      • Designed to wake up tired, dull skin
      • Packed with antioxidants to turn up your skins natural glow and radiance
      • Wear as a mask for 5 – 20 minutes
      • Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Rosehip Oil
      • Vegan friendly
    • 35.00
      • 80ml
      • Deeply nourishing face mask rich in algae extracts
      • Instantly infuses skin with lasting hydration and calming nutrients that promote healing
      • Penetrates deep into skin to replenish essential minerals and vitamins that fortify and protect as natural floral water and botanicals provide purifying, calming and healing properties
      • Key Ingredients: Algae Extracts, Organic Everlasting Flower Water, Sandalwood & Salicornia Extracts
    • Lixirskin Ireland Soft Clay Rubber Mask
      • 60ml
      • A rub-off formula that combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation to leave your skin impeccable
      • Skin is instantly clearer, purified and smoothed
      • The texture of the skin is refined and toned, pore and imperfections are less visible
      • The massage, patting and rubbing action stimulates circulation
      • Key Ingredients: Kaolin, Bergamot Seed Oil, Shea Butter
      • Vegan Friendly
    • Lixir Skin Ireland Vitamin C Paste
      • 50ml
      • Daily Vitamin C cleanse / mask that contains 10% L-Ascorbic Acid
      • L-Ascorbic Acid is activated with water at the time of use to preserve its freshness and efficacy for skin cells
      • Neutralises oxidised sebum and proteins to revive greyish, greenish and dull skin undertones
      • Helps Collagen production and protects Elastin
      • Day after day your skin is brighter, more even toned and lifted
      • Key Ingredients: L-Ascorbic Acid 10%, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil, Jasmine Flower Extract
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      • Skin Food Mask for the Epidermal FloraFortified in Phytonutrients
      • Balances the Skins Natural Flora
      • Antibacterial & anti- inflammatory
      • Rejuvenating, brightening
      • Probiotic Technology
      • 8 strains of Live Bacteria Culture
    • Out of Stock

      • 50ml
      • Matiffiying & purifying clay mask
      • Ideal for combination skin
      • Works to minimise the appearance of pores, removing excess sebum and fighting congestion, without drying the skin out
      • Key Ingredients: French Clay, Spirulina, Lavender, Bergamot
      • Vegan Friendly




    • 37.00

      • 50ml
      • Instantly calming, hydrating cream mask
      • Specially developed to combat over-sensitivity
      • Will calm, soothe and moisturize, helping to instantly alleviate the key signs of sensitive skin
      • Formulated with REN’s exclusive active complex
      • Will strengthen the protective moisture barrier to aid recovery
      • Increase skin’s ability to cope with stress, improving skin well-being
      • Key Ingredients:Lactobacillus, Beta Glucan, Arnica Extract




    • 42.00
      • 50ml
      • A potent exfoliating mask formulated to remove dead skin cells to renew the complexion
      • Combats congestion and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      • Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Papaya Fruit Enzyme